Welcome to H a v e n

Transforming hospice into a haven by delivering the care you need at home

When you choose the Haven Team to support your family you can expect compassionate professionals to support you through the end of life.

The haven care team, understands that death is as much a part of life's journey as birth. We neither quicken nor delay this journey, but we can provide compassion, comfort, and dignity.

We bring our care team to your loved one and offer our expertise to bring you comfort where there is pain

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Providing Compassionate and Individualized Care

Turn to us for at-home caregiving services in Boca Raton, FL, Arizona, New Mexico, Indiana & Washington

As we all get older, finding a trustworthy source for personalized care is essential. Thankfully, Haven Health Care Services is here to help. We offer a variety of at-home caregiving services through our multiple healthcare providers throughout the country.

At Haven Home Health, our full-time caregivers help our patients develop, recover and maintain healthy habits so they can reach their short-term and long-term goals. And if your older loved one needs 24-hour, live-in care, we can provide a great fit through Absolutely Haven.

We also serve as an end-of-life care company through Haven Hospice, where we provide your loved one with medical care, companionship and spiritual support to ensure the most comfort possible.

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Why you can trust us

At Haven Health Care Services, our highest priority is patient comfort. We work hard to provide all of our patients with a special care plan that fits their specific needs while remaining within their budget.

You can count on our at-home and end-of-life care company because we:

  • Are affiliated with most doctors and physicians
  • Are licensed, insured and accredited through ACHC
  • Have an extensive training process for our caregivers
  • Match families with a caregiver that fits their profile
  • Use every resource we have available to us
  • Help patients make complete lifestyle changes

Treating Each Patient on an Individual Level

Our team creates custom care plans for our patients